Educate And Empower 

India has always been a land of ideas— be it in the field of inner sciences such as yoga or outer sciences such as physics, chemistry, medicine, shipping and metallurgy. Indian researchers have made significant contributions in numerous fields, ensuring that India remained an unchallenged global economic superpower- an exporter of technologyfor nearly 1500 years, well documented in Angus Madison ‘Economic History of the World: A Millennium’s Account. The very idea of zero and infinity emerged from the domain of inner sciences which is today the basis of mathematics.

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Tips to Invest Effectively 

As important as it is to earn money, it is also important to ensure your money works for you. Money should be available and be able to meet your needs. To ensure such a thing, it is necessary to manage money efficiently, save and invest. Investing your money, rather than keeping it idle generates substantial returns and help meet your various goals. Prudent investing is the way to reap benefits for the future days ahead. Here are some practical tips to help you invest right.

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The Power of EXTRAA! 

They say, life is full of uncertainties and no one knows when a disaster will strike. While we can’t control everything in our lives, there are some things we can help prepare for. Buying a life insurance policy is one of the risk mitigating steps most of us are aware of. But have you ever wished to buy a life insurance plan that would not only take care of your family’s financial needs when you are not around but would also provide greater risk cover at a much lower cost? If your reply is yes, you could go for opting rider benefits.

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The stock market is in mayhem with bearish sentiment ruling the roost. A tumbling rupee, slowdown in economy and companies reporting tepid quarterly results in the ongoing earnings season has made it further difficult to project the future course of the market. The National Stock Exchange’s (NSE) benchmark Nifty is down 6.4% year-to-date (as on April 15, 2013) while Bombay Stock Exchange’s bellwether S&P BSE Sensex is trading down 6.24% YTD.

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Although in these times you can’t say this with any amount of certainty, the economy does seem to be getting better. And real estate has usually been a sector that has provided the economy some momentum. Current market conditions — lowering mortgage rates, stabilized or increasing home prices and the various attractive real estate offerings in select geographies − favor a stronger housing sector in times to come.

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