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Commodity Consultancy Services

Karvy Commodity Consultancy Services is a specialised team of analysts looking after commodity market fundamentals. At Karvy Commodity Consultancy, we believe commodity markets are driven by the complex set of fundamental factors along with macroeconomic base. Our objective is to identify the behaviour of those factors & foresee their impact on price of commodity.

Indian Manufacturing industry is going through a rough patch amidst fierce competition from global exporters and challenges in local production. Policy structure has been increasingly unstable both locally and globally. Duty structure on commodities complex in India has been constantly changing adding to uncertainty.

Gone are the days when local prices were commanded by local or global supply and demand scenario, trade war and geo political tensions influence the prices in local context as well. Annual volatility in prices has been 20% in the past five years putting the risk coordinates high with potential to wipe off the business, catching them off guard.

Prices discount in all the foreseen and unforeseen factors and it is in our interest to be protected against the unforeseen price movements. The primary objective of our research services is to understand what is being conceived as unforeseen factors and to get a clear view of the expectation. With research empowerment, Karvy will help in shelling the thin margin on which industry is currently thriving and enable knowledge based decision making for long term business sustainability in a constantly changing environment.

How do we approach research analysis?

Our competency lies in in-depth analysis of supply and demand factors to derive requisite fundamental facts. Based on fundamental facts, our knowledge and combined inputs from the vast industrial experience we determine short and long term projection of stock availability or consumption.

 Combining the fundamental analysis with technical price pattern results in understanding price behaviour, enabling us to make knowledge based price forecast. Decision making for trading/procurement calls based on our price forecast methodology is bound to give assured goals of targeted savings/profitability on commodity procurement/trading.

What is our research Product?

  • Karvy Consultants acts as your extended research team which will monitor the market for your benefit.


  • We will provide you with market news & thorough analysis via following deliverables

    • Daily/Weekly & Monthly report with short & medium term market analysis & forecast
    • WhatsApp updates – Prices/News/Event based analysis
    • Dedicated Engagement Manager updating you about market movements
    • Monthly presentation with Client team for medium term fundamental and price forecast discussion via Zoom/Webex
    • Quarterly Review Meeting – In person meeting with client team to present medium and long term outlook and to resolve any service related issue.

Are we good enough?

  • In Dec’18 we published our ‘Annual Outlook Report of Commodities for 2019’. Please refer our directional call below which show case our strength in research based price forecast.
  • Past Performance Matrix:
Market since Jan’19
Commodity Platform Recommendation Level Target SL High Low
Soybean NCDEX (INR/Quintal) Sell 3800-3900 3100 4100 3915 3550
Buy 3100-3200 3800 2800
Refined Soy Oil NCDEX (INR/10 KG)

Sell 790-800 680 830 785 719
Buy 680-690 800 650
RM Seed NCDEX (INR/Quintal) Buy 3600-3650 4200 3300 3711 4019
CPO MCX (INR/10 KG) Sell 580-590 480 630 575 495
Buy 480-485 600 440


Our services


Above Services are offered for following Commodities

Agri Commodity

  • Cotton
  • Soyabean
  • Palm Oil
  • RM Seed
  • Guar seed

Non Agri

  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Zinc
  • Lead
  • Rubber
  • Bullion
  • Crude Oil