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Key Highlights

  • In-depth coverage of commodities and currencies

    All the commodities and currencies having descent volume by turnover and participation are covered in this report. Fundamental and technical analysis is applied to derive the price outlook.

  • Covered segments – Bullion, Energy, Metals, Agri and Currencies

    Bullion, metal and energy are most sought commodities among investors and hedgers. Commodity derivatives market is being used as hedging tool by the corporates. These three segments are highest volume generating commodities. Agri is having importance for India because of agrarian economy. Its prices are influenced by monsoon and government policies.

  • Fundamental and technical analysis

    Under fundamental analysis the study of supply demand in terms of production, import, domestic consumption, exports, economic factors, currency impact, weather pattern is applied. Technical analysis is applied for all the products covered in this report. Advanced technical analysis such as Elliot wave theory is applied to do long term price forecast. This analysis is helped us to generate trading strategies for the year 2019. Since Indian commodities takes cues from international benchmarks, we have given trade recommendation for both international benchmark and domestic market.

  • Global market outlook

    It is the executive summary of the commodities and currencies covered in the subsequent chapters of the report

  • Global economic outlook

    This will be preamble for the global commodities and currencies market wherein global marco economic factors such as GDP, interest rate, inflation, sectoral analysis is carried out.

  • Key economic data

    Under key economic data, major economic indicator details are provided so that reader can relate content of the report.

  • Application of quantitative and qualitative research methods

    Under quantitative research method, statistical data in terms of supply, demand, economic indicators are applied. In qualitative research, reasons for quantitative research is applied.

  • Investment strategies for 2019

    Investment strategies in terms of buy and sell in the commodities and currencies are given.

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