E KYC Online – Meaning, Process & Documents for E KYC


e-KYC facilitates completion of KYC process online eliminating the need for filling up physical forms and submission of physical documents. The main objective of e-KYC is to register the customer with least amount of paper work and in the shortest possible time.

Express 2.0 is a quick and easy way to open your trading account with Karvy Stock Broking; you just need to fill in the one-time Know Your Customer (KYC) form. To quicken processing, Karvy allows you to complete e-KYC, either through your AADHAAR number or through video verification.

Below are the steps involved in the e-KYC process:

  • Fill the details on karvyonline.com
  • Submit scanned images of the documents
  • Complete IPV (In Person Verification) process over video call
  • Digitally Sign the document
  • Account activation

Note – For opening your account through e-KYC mode, it is required that your Mobile number should be registered in Aadhar Records. Aadhaar offers an economical, secure and flexible mode of verifying user identity.

What documents are required for EKYC?

The following documents are required for EKYC Online Registration:

  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Personalised cheque

Who Needs to be eKYC Compliant In India?

  • Resident and non-resident individuals
  • Joint account holders
  • Guardian of minor
  • Power of Attorney (PoA) holders
  • Claimants (in case of death of original investor)