Life stage

Before making any investments it is very important to understand your investment objectives. Your investment needs are likely to change radically throughout the course of your life. Depending on your life stage you should choose your investment strategy.

1. Accumulation and Growth phase :

  • Growth oriented portfolio for people who are at early to middle years of their career or business life and having intermediate to long-term objectives such as buying a house, Children’s education/marriage or planning for retirement.
  • This portfolio can be divided between equity shares and a regular fixed income debt product(FDs/Bonds), keeping in mind ones objectives and also liquidity requirements.

2. Consolidation phase :

  • Middle aged (40 – 55) or near to retirement phase. While planning your finances to meet various future requirements, provision has to be made for meeting expenses relating to children’s education, marriage, health care or EMI towards repayment of loans. Besides meeting these fixed expenses, it is also important to create a corpus for your retirement.
  • This phase requires moving towards a balanced portfolio which captures your near terms requirements and long term goals. Instruments like Mutual funds, tax free bonds, balanced funds, public provident fund, pension schemes and traditional insurance plans can be added to balance the portfolio.

3. Retirement phase

  • At retirement, the major objective here is safety of the investment, ensuring regular reasonable return to beat inflation, paying your medical bills and providing for any other emergencies. The portfolio can be invested in debt instruments like bank FDs, annuity plans from life insurance companies, government bonds and to beat inflation some portion into equities.

At Karvy our services include planning and protection of finances, planning to grow your wealth and retirement needs, and a host of other services, which will help you augment your existing and future finances and lifestyle.

Options for an investor with risk category:


  • Direct Equity
  • Mid & Small Cap Mutual Funds
  • Sector Funds
  • Private equity
  • International investments
  • Hedge funds
  • Mutual Fund Sector Funds
  • NCDs
  • Short and long term debt funds


  • Large Cap Equity
  • Large Cap Equity MFs
  • International Mutual Funds
  • Balance Mutual Funds
  • Debt Funds
  • Insurance plans
  • PPF
  • NCDs
  • Short and long term debt funds


  • Bank FDs
  • Insurance and traditional Plans
  • Large Cap Mutual Fund
  • Short and long term debt funds
  • NDS

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