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What are the Benefits of Aadhaar Card in India?

aadhaar benefits

Aadhaar program was launched with an aim to provide universal identity to every resident of India. Aadhaar Card is a personal document that carries a 12-digit identification number provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which acts as a representative of the Indian Government. The number is used as an identity of a person as well as a proof of his/her permanent residential address. Since it has become the most important document that every person should have, you might be wondering ‘what are the benefits of Aadhaar Card’.

While one can consider the increasing acceptance of the Aadhaar Card, it is believed that the document will be given more importance since many government schemes are being launched, which will require it as a mandatory document. With the help of it, one can access useful services like availing smartphone connections and authorizing money transactions. On a macro level, Aadhaar Card has majorly contributed to reducing corruption in the country.

Major Benefits of Aadhaar Card in India:

Direct benefit transfer: The 12-digit number on the Aadhaar Card can be used in order to get subsidies (e.g. LPG subsidy), the amount which will be directed to your bank. This is a DBTL scheme, which is termed PAHAL. In order to get this, one will require to link the Aadhaar number with that of 17-digit LPG by visiting the respected locality distributor.

Passport within 10 days: Getting the passport in 10 days is now possible with the help of Aadhaar Card. Previously, it took days for police verification but now, it can be done at a later date. Also, according to the new government’s rule, the Aadhaar number is made compulsory for the passport.

Jan Dhan Yojana: Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) is another benefit of Aadhaar Card. It requires Aadhaar number as the one and only document to open a new bank account. Under this, the benefits offered include RuPay Card, accident or life insurance and zero balance savings account.

Voter ID linking: This is one of the great steps towards reducing bogus voting. Started on March 9, 2015, Aadhaar Card has been linked with voter ID with the help of which it would become impossible for a person to issue multiple voter IDs.

Monthly Pension: For all the pensioners, it is now compulsory to register Aadhaar number to their respective department to receive a monthly pension. This step has been initiated to avoid any fraudulent or fake beneficiary, which is one of the best Aadhar Card benefits for senior citizen.

Provident Fund: For the PF account holders, Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has provided Aadhaar-Based online claim submission.

PAN Card and IT return: It is one of the best benefits of Aadhaar Card in order to restrain black money.

Mobile number: All the existing mobile number subscribers, including both postpaid and prepaid, are now required to link their Aadhaar number to the mobile number. New connections will also require Aadhaar Card as a compulsory document.

In order to make Aadhaar as a digital ID, it is planned to link the Aadhaar number with the driving license. This initiative will restrict multiple licenses. While the Aadhaar Card is only applicable for government-based services and allowance, it is expected to become one and only document for all government and non-government services very soon.

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