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9 Ways to Plan Your Dream Destination Wedding On a Budget

Destination Wedding

We are still reeling under the effects of the exotic location where Deep-Veer tied the knot. Now you and your fiancé have also decided to have a destination wedding. You want the . But finances are a cog in the wheel of your dream. Worry not – here are the top 10 destination wedding ideas on a budget.

1.Plan as soon as you can
The old proverb goes – the early bird catches the worm. If you start planning your destination wedding well in advance, you will be able to get the best deals on airfares and hotels. As soon as the dates are fixed, start planning where you would like to get married and get cracking on the details.

2.Get married in the offseason
While astrology and the position of the stars might say otherwise, choosing to get married in the offseason has its benefits, especially if it is a destination wedding. Places like Thailand, Goa, Dubai are costly during the peak season. So, if you choose offseason dates, you are likely to strike better deals and packages on the best destination wedding locations. This also goes a long way in helping you to stay within a budget.

3.Choose online invitations instead of printed invitations
Invitation cards are a significant investment during the wedding process. If you go for elaborate wedding cards and fancy printing, the chances are that it will end up digging a massive hole in your pocket. To save costs, on your destination wedding you can consider inviting your guests using e-invites. Several online websites let you design the card of your dreams without costing you the moon. Choosing e-invitations also means that you care for the environment. Most invitation cards end up in the recycle bin!

4.Choose smart décor options
It is sure very nice to have those exotic tulips flown down from Holland. But think of the costs involved. Be smart with planning your décor – in this age of minimalism, a minimal décor with artificial flowers and fairy lights is bound to make your wedding look very elegant. If you want real flowers, source them locally and choose the flowers which are available in the season. You can also choose innovative and out of the box centrepieces such as seashells, bottles filled with curiosities. These make for stunning photographs and do not break your bank. Choose wisely.

5.Limit the number of events
A large part of the cost is to provide for the stay of your guests and the banquets for your events. Stick to the essential functions and cut down on the unnecessary ones. You can consider hosting a two day or a maximum of 2 nights and a 3-day destination wedding. This will help you plan the stay of your guests as well, and most can leave the morning after the wedding.

6.Ask for freebies
Bargain with the resorts or hotel at the budget destination wedding location to throw in freebies when you guarantee a minimum number of guests or rooms. You can ask for discounts on the usage of minibar, salon services for the ladies or even a free wedding hall. If the resort is reluctant to provide these freebies, at least ask for a lump sum discount. These small acts ensure that you save big.

7.Choose the same venue for staying and holding your events
Not only does this ensure ease of access but also helps in saving the costs of transporting your guests from the hotel where they are staying to the venue of the functions. It also helps you to bargain for better (and bigger!) discounts. It is a win-win situation for all as you will not have to worry about your guests missing out on any function because of logistical issues.

8.Limit the number of guests
This is a challenging tip to follow, but if you stick to the plan, it will allow you to have the wedding of your dreams on a budget. Keep the guest list crisp and short. Choose an intimate ceremony over a gathering of a sea of people you barely know. A wedding marks an important moment in the lives of the bride and groom – so choose to spend your special day with the ones who matter. It will help you avoid the unnecessary costs of flying down extra people and making arrangements for their stay. You can always host a reception when you get back from the ceremony. That way you can include those who were left out of the guest list.

9.Be practical
Most importantly, remember that you are on a budget. Your destination wedding does not mean that you need to have the moon. Choose things that are very important for you and cut out the frills.

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