Karvy Insurance Repository (Kinrep) is a licensed Insurance Repository in India. Kinrep has been offering various life and general insurance companies since 2008. Kinrep has completely home grown mature business applications to cater to the in house team as well as clients.

Karvy Insurance Repository is a leader in transforming and managing business processes using a blend of cutting edge technology and refined practices. Kinrep has wide network of 500 branches across the length and breadth of the country. Kinrep is the first insurance repository to offer full suite of services to insurers, policy holders and agents of life insurance on a variety of mobile / tablet platforms including the conventional ones. Kinrep brings over 2000 man-years of pooled BPO experience with over 100 man-years in the Insurance industry.   Kinrep offers the best in class security to insurers with  ISO 27001 certified processes ,fully owned branch network and fortified IT and operational controls… View More