Recognized as a leading merchant banker in the country, we are registered with SEBI as a Category I merchant banker. We have built up a reputation as an able merchant banker over the years by capitalizing on opportunities in corporate consolidation, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring and capital raising (including raising resources for corporates or the government). Our success over the past two decades has given us the confidence to focus in this sector with renewed vigor.

The high-quality professional team and our work-oriented dedication have propelled us to offer value-added corporate financial services and serve as a professional navigator for the long-term growth of our clients which include leading corporates, state governments, foreign institutional investors, and public and private sector companies and banks in Indian and global markets.

Our advisory and consultancy roles in restructuring, divestitures, acquisitions, de-mergers, spin-offs, joint ventures, privatization and takeover defense mechanisms have elevated our relationship with the client to one based on unshakable trust and confidence. View More