Vantage Magazine

When Vantage was first conceived we were confronted with two dilemmas. How would another general interest magazine capture the imagination of readers specially those who were well healed. Secondly what should be its editorial slant in order to make it really stand out? The idea was to launch a magazine that would be a bimonthly (published once in two months) and circulate it among clients and prospects of Karvy Private Wealth.

Thus Vantage was born in January 2017 with the objective of provide fresh, highly interesting and informative articles with bold viewpoints and to stand out for superior journalism in a world where the art is buckling under banality and the shadow of fake news.

Ever since then it is an unwritten philosophy of Vantage that it would never compromise on the content and definitely not quantity at the cost of quality and substance. Vantage focuses on topics ranging from lifestyle, fashion, art, history, wellness, travel as well as spirituality. Having said this, we do not restrict ourselves and pick up anything that needs a discussion, a debate, or a deliberation.

With well researched stories and in-depth analysis, Vantage was able to achieve national recognition when it won the Best External Publication of the Year 2018 from Kamikaze B2B Media. We interview politicians, business tycoons, spiritual leaders as well as artistes and performers. We make no judgments – all we do is tell stories as they are meant to be told, unfiltered.