At Karvy, through the years of its development, one of the indispensable values that the leadership has focused on is ‘continuous learning’. To nourish this culture, there is a dedicated Learning Center that caters to all aspects related to learning, growth, development and progress – in alignment with the Mission, Values and Credo.

Leadership and learning being indispensable to each other, our leadership views L&D (Learning and Development) as a way to invest in people.

The success story of the organization and the business transformation witnessed through decades is attributed to the growing contributions to Human-Resource skills, by way of conducting in-house programs that are well-researched. To also refresh global exposure, the scope of interventions for senior leaders is expanded to external/top-notch institutes, management schools and other resource centers that stand first-rate in the international standards.

The L&D in Karvy is seen as the platform to enable career–growth for its employees. To encourage consistent exposure, programs are commissioned to satisfy learning needs for diverse aspects whether it is for a new incumbent, growing aspirant, senior leader, veteran, or an enthusiast who wants to bring home an innovative idea. This includes inducting new employees, Leadership development, Behavioral and Management, Functional / Process training, Technical programs, and learning programs that are customized to serve the specific needs of the business.

The framework in which the organization operates indicates that learning opportunity is consciously made abundant here. The practice of helping employees question, experiment, learn and grow is paramount in creating a learning ecosystem and this we believe, is one of the key differentiators that enables personal and professional growth.